Sunday, February 22, 2015

Where's the food?

Today officially marks my 7th month mark since leaving home.  And 5 here in the field.  (Daejeon means “great field” so it is pretty fitting).  Although it has only been a few days since I last emailed, it has actually been somewhat eventful!  First off, we found this American family that goes to the English ward and talked to their kids for a little bit.  Man, I sure do miss good ol’ American families.  Except we were able to have the best member visit ever with this one couple in the ward.  We knocked on the door (without warning is the only way to do it) and they let us in and made some fruit smoothies!  We had a great relaxed conversation and then shared D&C 1:38 and talked about General Conference.  Our zone has a goal for each companionship to have someone at each session.  We asked if they would pray for us to accomplish our goal.  And the husband said that he would like to find someone that we could bring!!!  So great!  I’ve never had this happen before, even though it’s just him saying he would like to try.  So that was great!

Last week we set up a meal appointment with a member to bring Ooyong Jo to on Sunday.  So we were all excited to go, and we get there and it’s just him and no food.  He pulls out 1 apple, we sit down on the floor, and he starts talking about baptism and all this stuff.  We had just wanted to have dinner and keep it really light and share a little message at the end.  My comp and I were pretty freaked out!  But things turned out ok and we shared a portion of “Come and See” by Elder Bednar.  So it was nothing like we had thought we had planned or hoped for, but I think our investigator is still going to meet with us.  It was quite the scare though!  Darn language barrier.  I hate it!  I thought the plan had been so clear.  Anyways, life is good over here.  Still just trying to find people that will hear us out, or even just accept this free, amazing book we’re trying to give out.  I’m so sick of people saying they already have a Bible!  All I can do is invite but I want to be able to do more. 


Elder Anderson

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16, 2015

          I have one more story.  Our butt-dial guy said that if it rained on Sunday he wouldn’t have to work and he would come to church.  So we prayed super duper hard for it to rain so he could come.  Well, it didn’t rain and I was really confused and sad because I wanted him to come.  I have only had 2 people come to church, and I knew he needed this to progress.  But that’s not how it happened and I didn’t know why.  I had had faith, and the right intentions, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted it.  But church was extremely dull that day and I don’t think he would have had a good experience.  So I am glad and thankful that it turned out the way it did (it actually rained pretty well that evening.  It wasn’t the way I initially wanted, but it was God’s way and He knew a heck of a lot better than me.

Today is the Korean New Years, the biggest holiday in Korea, so we had our Pday switched to today.  Since people are off work, we were actually able to visit some members yesterday!  But we had to just show up at their door.  That is really the only way to do it here.  At least we were able to get in!  The investigator we got through a butt-dial is still doing well.  We stay in contact with him frequently and are building a good relationship.  We were going to eat dinner with him at Pres. Shin’s home yesterday, but he had to leave suddenly to pick up his aunt.  He’s still doing well though.  Please pray for him (Yongho Jang). 

          Sadly, Ooyoung Jo isn’t doing too great.  We taught the restoration again and he got a little defensive and kind of just said that since this is what we’ve been taught, we believe it, and he will just stick to what he’s been taught.  Super sad.  I know that conversion would help with all his problems he has, but he just doesn’t want to accept it.  My comp and I came out of that lesson just so sad!  Ahhh if only people could see what they were missing. 

          On the bright, Elder Warren and I are getting along super great!  It has been a ton of fun all the time working with him. 

          Yup, that’s about it.  We are working hard to find new people to teach, but it is insanely hard!!  But we’ll keep at it in faith that we will be guided to someone we can help.

          E Anderson

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stalkers and Butt-Dial Miracles

February 9, 2015
          We had a pretty great week over here in Daejeon!  But boy did we walk a lot.  My legs are getting way too big!  Anyways, yeah, we got ourselves a bit of a stalker.  He is this slightly handicap guy who we have seen pretty often on the street.  A while ago, the office elders met with him and he was super creepy, and when they left the church they could not get away from him.  They had to threaten to go to the cops to get him to leave.  Well, when he latched onto us, he was the one saying to go to the cops!!  He even flagged down a cop car who pulled up, but saw that he was crazy and left.  After trying forever to get him to leave, we called his bluff and went to the police station.  He made it right up to the door, and started drifting away when Elder Warren went inside.  The cop came out.  I explained the situation (in Korean of course), then we walked, turned a corner, and took off running!!!  Pretty fun stuff actually. 

          During weekly planning we were looking at our goals for that week and how we could accomplish them.  It was Friday and we saw that we needed 1 more lesson besides the scheduled ones.  We went through every possible person but could not think of a way to get it.  Then we got a phone call.  It was a guy who came to English class one time, but we were not able to contact him after.  And it was a butt-dial!!  We stayed on the line until he finally noticed, talked for a bit had no idea what he was saying, kinda faked it, and were able to set up an appointment for that day.  What?  It was insane!  And the lesson went great.  His name is Yongho Jang, super funny guy.

          We also had an awesome lesson with Ooyong Jo, the divorced guy.  We showed him the Mormon Message, “The Refiners Fire” and talked about trials.  We talked about following Christ, and even extended a baptismal invitation!  He didn’t accept, but it still felt good and he has come a long way.  Please pray for him!  This would change his life so much!

          Well, that was a bit of my great week here in Korea.  I’m loving my time with Elder Warren.  We are great friends.  I hope you all involve the Lord in accomplishing your righteous goals!  I know that He wants to help, but you must let Him in first.

          Elder Anderson

My companion is the blonde one on the right



Feb 1, 2015
February 1, 2015
Well, we made the switch, and now I’m here with my good friend elder Warren from my mtc district!! It’s crazy how many young companionships there are now. So weird!!! It’s definitely tough, but I know we can do it and we're going to learn a lot, and fast. We have to!!! My last little bit with elder beard was good but kinda strange because he got sick so we stayed home and he had to pack. So it all went by really fast and strange, but good I guess. I’m gonna miss having him around, but I am super excited to have elder warren here with me, it’ll be great!

I guess the only thing that we've really had happen was a youth activity that was supposed to bring nonmembers but only members showed, so we left. And we had a good meeting with our investigator, jo ooyong. I really think that he has lots of good potential. He has loads of tough things in his life and his super lonely, I know that accepting this message could help him soooo much!! I really want him to!!! 

Well I’m sorry but that’s really all that there is to report on. Still looking for people, teaching English, and doing our best to fulfill our purpose. 

Stay true to the faith everyone!! Thanks for everything!!!!! I had pics, but I can’t send them right now, so I will next week. Love you all!!!!

Elder Anderson