Sunday, June 21, 2015

I still love them!


This was more of the same, lots of street contacting and lots of people completely ignoring us.  I don’t understand how people think it’s ok to disregard us as people just because we have nametags.  But that’s ok!  I still love them!

          We had a zone conference this last week which went well.  Our new DL is from the hot spot of the mission, so he was pretty surprised with how slow the work is here.  Our ZL served in Iksan once, so he understands.  He told our DL, “There is nothing to do in Iksan but street contact.”  And one of the AP’s said, “there is no problem with the missionaries there, things just aren’t moving.”  We had interviews with Pres. and were hoping for some advice.  Even he was stumped.  He just said to “hang in there.”  We really are doing all we know, opening our mouths with people, but for some reason it’s not moving.  Pres. said that there must be some reason that God is giving us this trial.  So, we’re pushing forward!!  Pres. Shin is not one to say that a certain area is hard, but he announced it to the whole zone how difficult Iksan is.  He even told me that if it gets too rough to request a split.  He usually discourages those things, but Iksan is a special place!

          The good news is that we were able to meet Sis. Park Jimeen again and she came to church!  She just doesn’t think that she can come to believe in God, and says that she hasn’t felt the spirit yet.  She did say that her heart felt a little warm during Sacrament meeting when my comp shared a scripture with her.  So she’s progressing, just slowly.

          We’re still on the search for more people who are willing to learn, but we are always inviting, and that’s our purpose.  It’s hard when people always reject us, but we’re doing our best with what we can control.

          Elder Anderson

Here are some excerpts from Jace’s email conversation with us.  We have been praying that he would get to this point in his mission.  He has such a positive attitude.    

“It’s still as hard as ever, but it’s like the story of the people of Alma where God blessed them with the strength to endure.  It’s a great blessing, but I want to be able to help people and teach the gospel!!!!

“I try to just learn through it but it’s hard.  I wrote pres. today saying that it’s a privilege to work here and learn these things.  You cannot experience this stuff anywhere else, so I guess that is a privilege!”

“Yep, we both feel like we can make it anywhere in the mission after this.  It’s kinda sad but our mission is low on missionaries and it would probably be better to have this team somewhere else to be honest.  But, nope!!  There is something here that we need to do.  I know it.”

“Pres. just said to hang in there.  We are doing all we know how to do.  Even he was stumped.  He said he has no idea why things aren’t moving.  He told our new DL that he threw in his 2 best elders, but isn’t expecting too much.  Hahaha but we’re always inviting everyone!!!  That is not like pres. at all.  Such a weird situation here….haha.”

My favorite!!! Corn ice cream!!  It really is super good actually.

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