Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 1, 2015

This week was full of VERY UNIQUE experiences.  Good news first, Sister Park Jimin has a baptism date!!!  June 14.  The bad news is she isn’t very sincere about it and doesn’t yet believe our message.  At this point it is more of just a goal.  At first, she rejected the invitation.  But when Elder Kim explained that it is a date we work toward together, she ended up saying ok.  So she still has a ways to go and needs lots of prayers!

Other good news, a random guy came up to us on the street and forced $50 on us and left!!  We have very different problems here, not robbery, but the opposite.

Crazy experience!  During district meeting this lady randomly walked in the church saying she was really sick and asked us to heal her.  Super crazy.  My comp and district leader gave her a blessing and she left.  The poor lady was so scared that she was going to die and was asking whether or not she’d go to hell.  Definitely a one of a kind experience.  Ikson is just that, one of a kind. 

Bad news.  Han Bit, the one I thought was golden, turned out to be gay and said “He would love to stop meeting.”  So that was disappointing.  We are down to 3 investigators, all female, and only Sister Park met with us last week.

Even worse news. During the 34d hour of church our adult members (all 6 of them) were chatting, and the BISHOP decided that they should all go out to lunch after.  Umm, NO!!  No wonder this ward is on the verge of extinction.  There is no interest in missionary work and they all disobey together.  They invited us, but we said we had other plans.  We called Pres. and he said to be straight with them next time (yes, there will be a next time, this is not a rare occurrence).  Luckily Sister Park left before it.  How is an investigator or new member supposed to survive in a ward where everyone goes against what the missionaries taught them?  Yeah, super disappointing.  And the people on the streets were extremely rude this last week.  They refuse to even say hi or look at me when I try to talk.  Super hard. 

 My condolences go out to the Perry family.  We lost a wonderful man on this side, but there is more incredible missionary on the other side of the veil.  I am so grateful for the prophets and apostles and knowledge of God’s plan.  We are so blessed!!


                                                                Elder Anderson

I proselyted  to a lady on a bus, she didn't accept but gave me this crazy rice cake thing. haha

Us trying to talk to people on the street, there were none.

My district!!!


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