Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Last week in Iksan?

November 16, 2015

          Time flew by pretty darn fast this last week.  I started it off well by getting toe surgery again.  I didn’t like being able to understand what they were saying.  They kind of messed up on the shot, and then they were talking about how serious my toe was, and yeah.  I wish my toe had been a bit more numb, I don’t like being able to feel them jabbing stuff under my nail.  My toe wasn’t supposed to get wet, but it’s been really rainy so it got soaked.  Hopefully it’s ok!

          We have a new investigator!  His name is Kim Sheekchul, he’s in his 70’s, and we met him on the street.  He said he wanted to meet us again because we were cute.  Hah he’s attending another church very seriously and seems pretty converted to that church.  But we gave him a BoM, so hopefully he read some and recognized its truth.  I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but Korea has sooo many churches!  It is insane!  People that go seem to be either way into it with a super strong belief, or not belief at all.  A lot of people just go for the social aspect, but don’t believe in God or anything.  So when we share a message about a loving God who still cares, well, not many people accept.  It doesn’t help that there are crazy churches here where people claim to be the resurrected Christ or even Heavenly Mother.  So people just put our church in the same group as these ones.  And don’t even get me started on the pastors!

          Anyways, as for our investigators, we told the Jo family and another lady we meet with that this next week is the last week for English.  Hopefully they still meet for the gospel!  I think the family will.  They love us too much to stop.

          Kim Hyobong is the same.  He never reads because he says it hurts his head, so we told him to listen online.  I think he will since we’ve been telling him so many times to do it. 

          Kim Youngyur (came to church once, English interest) is doing well.  He says that ever since meeting with us his interest has been growing a lot.  He didn’t read last time though, so we could see a pretty big difference in him.  I told him it was probably my last time and he got pretty sad.  Really sad actually.  He’s a great guy and I’ll miss him if I end up leaving.

          We finally met Melinda again!  She’s our Filipina less active.  She’s super great and says her dream is to just serve God and be a missionary.  Hopefully we can help her do it!

          Yup, it was a pretty good week and we usually had things to do which is always nice.  It seems like it was my last full week here in Iksan.  I’m still not completely sure, but I’ll find out in just a bit.  I’ve learned a lot here and it feels like I can never leave, like this is my area.  I’ve seen a lot of progress in myself and this area.  I’ve really been blessed with a great experience. 

          Love, Elder Jace Anderson

English class

Kim Youngyur

 Brother Jang and our member that got dropped on his head as a kid and calls us all the time saying crazy stuff.

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