Sunday, January 17, 2016

Finding Joy in the Work

January 18, 2016

          This week was pretty similar to last week.  The weekdays went by well and fast, and the weekend was just kind of slow and painful.  But we did find 2 new people through some great miracles!  The first one’s name is Hwang Namgil.  We got a random text from someone saying that they attend a Protestant church but have interest in and want to learn about the Book of Mormon.  Awesome!  That never happens!  We set up an appointment and met him the next day.  He’s a super cool guy and accepted it pretty well.  He doesn’t really believe his own church or even God, but was curious about the BoM.  He was really great but we haven’t been able to contact him since (same with Kim Yusheen), so we are worried that they may have consulted with their pastors. 

          Our second guy was cool too!  We were walking on the street and came to a stoplight where 2 guys were waiting.  I walked up next to the one on the right and looked over at them, but then backed out and went to the guy on the left.  I started talking with him and found out he’s a Buddhist but open to new things.  He’s probably around 45-50 years old, kind of an odd guy but really nice.  We talked about religion and stuff and ended up walking him to the church to show him and we had a lesson also!  He’s not like interested to see if it’s the religion for him, but he’s curious and open and we are meeting him again this evening! 

          We had a member lesson with Lee Dongchan before he went to the Philippines, and besides him bringing green tea pancakes it went awesome!  We just have to wait a month for him to come back. 

          So remember that time those old people made me eat tons of rice?  Well, they did it again.  It was painful, but I put down 4 bowls of it!!  I was so proud of myself, and in pain, but I avoided offending them.

          I went on a split with Elder Esplin in the neighboring ward.  He’s from Salt Lake and went to Skyline I think so he knows Matt Wilcox.  He’s on his 2nd transfer but is already super good at Korean.  He’s a funny guy, so it was a good time and we taught a great lesson to our rap loving Jang Yehoon about Alma 36 and the word of wisdom.

          We saw some weird stuff including sketchy activities and lot and lots of missionaries from other churches.  There was even this guy with a giant megaphone strapped to his back yelling at people to repent and believe in Christ.  Not the best way to do it.

          I’m preparing things for district meeting about finding joy in the work and I found this cool scripture, John 13:13-17.  Go ahead and read it!  Thanks for all you do!  You guys are the best and I’m grateful for your examples.

          Love, Elder Jace Anderson
A big peace sign!

Elder Benefiel gave me one of his gingerbread men

Me and Elder Esplin


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