Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Stop stealing mine!

January 11, 2016

          So, weekdays are pretty good here, but we struggle on the weekends.  We were able to find a cool new guy though!  His name is Lee Jongchan.  He called off an English ad and came to our class.  He liked it and us so much that we were also able to meet him separately later on.  He’s like 24, doesn’t have a religion, but believes in God and says he could see himself getting into religion.  Great right?  Well, he leaves for the Philippines at the end of the week and will be there for a month.  Stupid Philippines!  You have enough prepared people, stop stealing mine!  That’s ok, the Philippines is cool.  Our other new guy, Kim Yooshin (the guy who has his other church), accepted the BoM really well.  I just hope he doesn’t ask his pastor!  He’s a cool guy and says funny stuff in English, such as “You too!  Good Jesus dream better than piggy dream K K K.  Have a good sleep.”  Silly guy.  Telling someone to dream of pigs means “sweet dreams,” so that’s why he said that.  All our other investigators are pretty much the same.  Except Park Jongmoon!  He’s more of just a missionary friend that knows the church is true, but he said he wants to be baptized!  He just needs to come out to church. 

          We had a zone conference this week as it was the start of the new transfer.  It was pretty good.  I always love being able to hear what President has to say.  He is such an amazing guy.

          I threw up again this week again.  A member took us to that same buffet and made us eat a tone, and then I ate this gross food with an investigator, so I threw up that night.  But in a better story I went to this crazy market in search of this Philippines store and a duck got flame throwed.  Pretty fun.

          It was a good week, nothing too amazing, but it was a good one.  I’m enjoying my time here and hoping for some more success soon!  Oh yeah, that old guy we teach said he’d get baptized next week, but it was a pretty iffy response.  We’ll see what happens!


          Elder Jace Anderson
Elder Medina decided to take pictures.  We enjoy collecting stickers that come in bread here.
                                                    A funny garbage sign.
                                     Me and Elder Medina!  We live together    
Me and my phone! 

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