Monday, April 4, 2016

Message from President Shin

April 4, 2016

          Decent week, it went by pretty fast.  Wow!  It’s already April!  So crazy.  Update on investigators!  We’ve tried meeting with Jo Youngook and members, but it always fall through and then he didn’t come to church which was disappointing.  He’s supposed to be baptized in 2 weeks, but the members don’t know him and he needs to come to church.  Dang it!  But our rapper guy, Jang Yehoon, who we droopped a month and a half ago randomly showed up to church so that was pretty cool!
          We got a new investigator named Nam Gyo-ooh, who is like 50-60 years old and wants to learn English.  When we did the gospel portion he kind of just got up and left.  Haha so that stunk.  But we’ll meet him again this evening so hopefully it goes better.  Ooh!!  Ji Sumin is a guy!!  But we’re pretty sure he’s bisexual…he has lots of commandment issues, and not really any gospel interest so we might not meet him for much longer. 
          I talked with Pres. Shin on the phone and he said some cool stuff.  First he said, “You go home in July, right?  And your parents are coming to pick you up?”  Then he talked about how I haven’t been able to baptize yet, but when my family comes we should do something special with the people I will baptize.  He suggested going to the temple with them and Dad can baptize them.  Awesome!  He said I have all the skills, hard work, and integrity but just haven’t been able to snatch anyone yet.  But it’ll happen!!  It’s just hard because I feel like I’m doing just about all I can but it’s up to other people. 
          We had an interesting experience on the street with a lady from a different church.  I felt like I was in the BoM talking with Nehor as she tells us we’re missing the secrets of the Bible and even cries for us because we’re not getting it!  It was pretty freaky.  Oh!  She made us pinky promise that we’d talk more if we see her again, and when E. Groves did it she put her other hand on top and said something.  Later, his pinky started to throb and pain moved up his arm and to his chest!  But I have him a blessing and it was all good.  Crazy!  Haha.
          Things are going well here.  I hope you all enjoyed conference.  I’m super excited for it!  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

          Elder Anderson

                                                      Flower Festival

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