Monday, March 28, 2016

What is it?

March 28, 2016

          This was kind of a strange week.  We weren’t able to teach too much and our investigators, well let’s take a look.  First we have Park Jonghoon.  He had a baptismal date coming up, but we met him once last week and it didn’t go too well.  He didn’t like church and we told him not to use his prayer beads.  Well, now we’re not able to contact him.  Second, Jo Youngook.  We met him once last week and it went super well.  We taught about the Book of Mormon and he understood well and did a good job of responding.  He said he’d come to church but when we tried to call to remind him, his phone was off and has been since then and he didn’t come to church.  I don’t know what to do but it breaks my heart that he might be gone.  We did have one investigator at church though, Na Jinju, our old guy who loves his other church too much to switch and can’t fully grasp the meaning of the restoration.  We also met Darius on the street and he said maybe he’ll come to our church “once in a blue moon.”  He’s from Liberia and likes the loud style of worship a lot more than ours.

          The good news is that we have a new investigator!  The bad news is we don’t know what gender they are…haha really though, it’s a problem.  We’re pretty sure it’s a girl that wants to be a guy.  So originally I met her on a bus and started talking because I thought it was a guy, but then they looked at me and I thought girl.  She had English interest so I gave her our card and she contacted us later (her name’s Ji Sumin).  We were pretty sure she was a girl so we met with a guy member and he said girl also, but she used the guys bathroom, is doing the mandatory men’s military service, and has a slight mustache…but talks like a girl, has girl eyes, and a bra in her bag…we have no idea.  Haha.

          That’s pretty much it for this week.  We spent a lot more time on the streets than we used to but it’s still good.  I just found out that yesterday was Easter, so I hope you all had a great one.  He lives!


          Elder Anderson

                                           Chicken and juice bottles.  Haha

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