Monday, May 23, 2016

My 22nd month mark!

May 23, 2016

          I just realized that today is my 22nd month mark.  Wow!  That’s crazy!  Anyways, this last week was good but a little tough.  Originally, Song Gwangjeong was supposed to get baptized next week.  We called him to see if we could meet him and help him get ready.  He was super snappy asking about what there could possibly be to prepare since it’s just your heart that’s important.  He reluctantly agreed to meet during Sunday school and we went over the baptismal interview questions.  Sadly it didn’t go too well.  He really rejected tithing and randomly told us to explain what Mount Zion is.  He said that missionaries are supposed to teach but instead he’s the one that has stuff to teach.  It was super frustrating.

          We met Park Jongmoon and he accepts everything well, but he keeps having to work on Sundays and he’s just super busy.  It’s super hard because there are so many things outside of our control.  Our North Korean guy started working so he got super busy and it seems like he’s just going to go to this other church.  We weren’t able to meet him.  Our other new investigator pretty much dropped us, but it’s ok because he was just English interest. 

          The one bright spot was our 78 year old Lee Yongil!  We did a member lesson with another elderly member and they connected super well.  Our investigator said he wants to be just like our member and come out to church and everything.  It was super great!!  Sadly something came up and he wasn’t able to come out to church and since he works every other day he can’t come out for another 2 weeks.  He still has potential though!  Hopefully we can just keep meeting him.

          I really want to be more effective during my remaining time.  We’re doing our best, we obey, we invite, but it’s really hard to see what’s coming out of it.  We want to spend our time teaching and meeting people and helping them, so we need to find others who are willing to do it!

          There wasn’t really too much that went on this last week…but it was Elder Groves’ birthday!  So that was fun.  We’re looking forward to a good week, and we have a combined district meeting where Pres. will interview us, so hopefully we can find the key to starting up the work some more.

          I recently finished reading the BoM in which I focused on what blessings come from living the gospel.  I think the thing that stands out most to me was found in the very end, Moroni 10:32-33.  “Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him…then are ye sanctified in Christ by the grace of God.”  The gospel really can change us and make us better people as we work towards our goal of returning back to Heavenly Father.  I have been very blessed to feel that and recognize that I am a different but better person than I was before.


          Elder Jace Anderson

Elder Groves' bday!

A cool pond

Some hats we found

Park Jongmoon

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