Sunday, May 1, 2016

Unique Week

April 25, 2016

          This was a very unique week that’s for sure.  Sooo many awkward moments but also some little miracles.  Elder Park had to do military stuff so E. Benefiel was in a threesome with us for a few days which was fun but threesomes are kind of tough.  Let’s see, we were able to meet Park Jongmoon!  He finally came back from Suncheon after a month and a half.  He still wants to come out to church and everything but it’s hard with his work schedule.  If he can come out he’ll get baptized so pray for him!

          We have this investigator named Hwang Seongoon who is going through something I’ve never seen before.  He likes magic so we met with a member who does magic also.  The member told him to think about what happens to people who die without having the chance to learn about God or Christ.  We saw him the next day at English class and he said he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it since then and couldn’t sleep until 4 a.m.!  I offered to show him the answer, but he is determined to figure it out.  He’s going through a hard time and is looking for something to rely on.  He says he wants the church to be that thing but he’s hearing a lot of negative things.  And he loves coffee and that’s his job so that’s pretty tough.  I’ve never seen anyone try so hard to get an answer or want it so bad.  And he said he wants to rely on the church!  So crazy!  We’re just praying he can recognize his answers.

          In less good news, Lee Yang and his wife moved to American and we dropped Park Jonghoon so now we’re down to just 4 investigators.  It’s ok though, especially because one of the member’s husbands came to church and says he will get baptized in May!  He was our investigator when I first came but we haven’t been able to meet him in a while.  Hopefully it works out well!

          Oh yeah!  So, Hwang Seongoon.  It was a huge miracle that we were able to meet him.  He had this thought one day that he should learn English.  He went outside and felt like he should take a different route and saw our ad!  Pretty awesome!

          Like I said earlier, we saw some nice miracles this week.  For example…a restaurant manager gave us 3 referrals, we got off the bus at the right time to stop some dirt bag who was trying to force some girl in his car, we got off the bus at the right time to find this less active guy, and yeah.  I’m sure there were more but those ones stick out.

          Things have slowed down a bit because of dropped investigators but we will have great people we’re meeting with.  I want to share 2 Nephi 31:20 today.  We may not have all the answers, but if we push forward with just the hope that things will work out we will eventually come to a greater understanding and be worthy to receive those things that God would have us receive.  Thank you all for the support and prayers!

          Love, Elder Jace Anderson
My shoes

Some flowers

The Filipina Sisters

The couple that moved to America

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