Monday, June 13, 2016

A great ward activity!

June 6, 2016

          This last week went by pretty fast, but it’s kind of tough to remember what we did.  Honestly there wasn’t too much.  We were able to contact Lee Yongil again and meet him with another older guy in the ward.  It went super well and he said he would come to church but…and since he works every other day he doesn’t have a chance to come for 2 weeks.  We weren’t able to meet Park Jongmoon or Song Gwangjeong, but we met the new investigator I talked about last week twice (Jang Sungyeon).  He might have aspbergers and it’s tough to get him to open up and act on our message.

          We met a new guy who after we taught got up to the board and gave us an hour lecture on the history in the Bible…as if we didn’t know…haha fun guy though, but he lives outside our area.  I also talked with a New Zealander named Chris on a bus and we should be able to meet this week!!  Woohoo!  He was super cool but converted to Buddhism since coming to Korea.

          Our ward had a great activity this last week.  It was the best I’ve ever been to.  We had magic, violin stuff, yo yos, videos, and super good singers.  There’s this semi famous member who came and sang which was really good.  Some members also brought their friends, so we have 1 referral that we might be able to meet later.

          We fasted as a mission a little bit ago so we had a conference call for people to share the miracles they saw.  There were a lot of great miracles and one sister’s nonmember mother is coming to Korea to pick her up and will get baptized here.  How cool is that?  Other people were able to get baptismal dates which is super great, but I couldn’t help but feel a little sad thinking I have such little time left and haven’t been able to have that success yet.  So I decided to do my own fast!  But it was the other elders who saw all the miracles that day.  Haha.

          As we’ve been meeting our new investigator, Jang Sungyeon we’ve been trying to help him get a desire to find out if God exists or not.  A verse we shared with him is Ether 12:4.  We really can hope for a better world, a brighter future, and I hope that we allow this gospel to change us and continue to grow by doing good works.  I know that I have been changed on my mission but progression shouldn’t stop when we get back home.  Thank you for all your wonderful examples!


          Elder Anderson
                                       Poor missionaries groceries and cake!
                                  Random Taiwan member that came to church
                                     Our funny less active guy Kim Sangchul


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