Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Transfer - But I'm staying

June 13, 2016

          We had a pretty good week here in Gwangju.  One fun thing we did was we went to Park Jongmoon’s wedding!  It was fun being there and meeting his friends and wife briefly.  He’s such a great guy.  He’ll get baptized eventually.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  If he could just come to church it would all be fine.

          We met 2 new people last week but only 1 became an investigator.  He’s a former investigator we called who has English interest.  He’s a bit cynical when it comes to gospel stuff.  He asked if I’ve ever had a prayer answered and I told of when I asked if the BoM is true once when I was in Ikson.  He said that doesn’t count and asked if I’ve ever had a prayer answered in my real life.  I was a little offended but told him that I don’t separate my life by religious and nonreligious parts, but then told him about when we prayed as a family in Yellowstone after Dad hurt his back.  Man, people are pretty tough sometimes!  The other guy lived in America for a long time but has epilepsy and had to come back to Korea.  He’s alone and has a tough life, but he’s not willing to even learn about our message either.  It’s super sad because he could really use it.  Why won’t anyone just give it a chance??

          Hmm what else?  Oh yeah!  We met that guy who tried to teach us the Bible last time with the Chungjang ward elders because he’s in their area and he brought a friend.  We’re pretty sure they’re from this crazy Korean church.  The 6 of us talked about the BoM, Adam and Eve, Joseph Smith, seeing God, and other stuff.  I don’t know if they’re willing to change their thoughts but it was kind of fun. 

          We’ve been helping out the Filipinas a lot and meeting with them and their investigators.  I am yet to meet a lame Filipino!  2 of them came to church and it was really great.  Except I had to translate for a bunch of people and the speaker was quoting these nuns and it was pretty hard.  Haha.

          We got our transfer calls today!  I will be here for my last transfer (that makes 6 here) and Elder Groves is staying as well making 4 transfers together!  That’s pretty crazy!  It’s going to be good though and I’m happy to have such a hard worker with me.  This last Sunday one of the speakers quoted the scripture about having great joy in simply helping one soul come unto Him.  I felt a lot of comfort as I read it.  This transfer’s my last chance, and it’s going to be great!

Elder Jace Anderson
Eating chicken with Park Jongmoon

Park Jongmoon's wedding

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