Monday, August 25, 2014

I Have Been Gone 4 Weeks!

Aug 21 at 9:22 AM

Holy moly the weeks go by so fast here. It feels like I was just at the computer yesterday writing home, and here I am again!! I can now say more complex sentences with more than one verb! Yay for teaching yourself! The lessons are going a lot better now, there’s a lot more conversation than before, and we aren’t using scripts! We just write points that we want to make and scriptures that would go along with it, and then some vocab that would be helpful. It’s really cool!  At trc last Friday they had real Korean volunteers!! I actually got to teach real Koreans for the first time and it got me pretty excited to go to Korea. Asians are awesome!

I think my favorite part of the mtc are the district review discussions we have after the devotionals. Those are the best most spiritual things ever!! So great! And it’s comforting to hear how many people have been through the same kind of stuff as me. My district is so diverse with personalities but they are the best people ever!

I’ve been learning so much here! Even though all the gospel lessons are in Korean, I still get so much out of it. I’ve really learned about the importance of studying the scriptures. I really admire those people who just know what scripture can relate to a situation and I really want to be like that. There are sooo many amazing lessons to be learned and help to be received from the scriptures. Right now especially, the scriptures teach a whole lot better than I do. So they have been a big help in the lessons. 
The gift of tongues is real. It is incredible how fast we learn!! I know that I have a looong way to go, but I’m happy with the progress I have made. Whenever I feel discouraged with the language, Heavenly Father seems to place someone in my path to help encourage me. It has been such a blessing to have people compliment me on how well I am doing, sometimes even people I don’t even know. It really gives a big boost. 
Elder Baugh told us a story in one of our reviews and I would like to give some advice to all of you. Follow all promptings you receive, even if you don’t know why and may never know why in this life. But by simply talking to someone, you could save someone’s life. Heavenly Father knows everything, surely His will is greater than ours. Please conform to it. Blessings will come. To you and to others. 
Thank you all for your support! The church is true and its message is beautiful!

Elder Anderson
 My stash

Me and my awesome teacher Chandler Hyeongjenim(Brother)



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