Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week Whatever

August 14, 2014

Time really is flying by here at the MTC. I never understood what people meant by the days would be long but the weeks would go by fast, but now I do! It’s so true, they days seem to be pretty long, but it amazes me how fast the weeks go. 
I got to host the new missionaries yesterday and it was an awesome experience. It’s crazy to think that 3 weeks ago that day I was the one saying goodbye to my family. And now I am perfectly adjusting, speaking entire 30 minute long lessons in 한국말.(Hangukmar, Korean), It’s so fun and I love speaking it! It still amazes me how fast we are all learning. The Korean language really is so interesting and super fun. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that I am supposed to be serving the people of Korea and there are people prepared for me. 
The mtc really is a special place. There’s just a different feeling here and everyone’s here for the same reason. And they’re all so friendly! Pretty much all, anyways. I had a tough time with some people, but after praying every day for charity, I have grown to really like and care for these people. Yay prayer! Oh! And the temple, the temple is awesome. If you ever have something that you are worried about or have a question on that you can’t find the answer to, go to the temple and pray about it! I had an awesome experience with that last week and it has given me a huge boost in confidence here on my mission. So if you’re having troubles in your life, go to the temple! If you don’t have time for it, you’re lying. Make time!

 I am doing great here! So no one worry about me, ok? I am being well taken care of and I couldn’t be happier. My district is super close and we all work well together. The language is tough but really fun, and to be honest it is coming along. I explained and invited to church yesterday in all Korean but 2 words and it was so cool! I can convey my thoughts and ideas in another language after just 3 weeks!! Nowhere else can you say that but at eth mtc. It’s a special place. 

 Thanks for all your support and prayers. 

Elder Anderson



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