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September 11, 2014
Hello people back home and wherever you are. I dont really know who reads these, but whoever you are I hope youre doing well! This week has been so great! Last week, i talked about how i was a little scared to skype with the people in korea. well, it was my favorite moment ever! each of our teachers picked someone they met or taught in korea to portray as an investigator. one of them is bro kwak. Well, on friday,, we had the chance to talk with the real brother kwak in korea and it was the coolest experience ever!! He was the nicest, funniest guy. His family arent members and at first they were pretty opposed. He said that theyre warming up now and thinks eventually will be baptized. We asked him to share Mosiah 2:41 with tehm and his testimony, and to our surprise, he said he would do it that day!! Our teacher is going to talk to him and follow up on him. Ive been praying for him and his family a lot, and really hope that a change happens in their hearts. I cant wait to get to korea and interact with the amazing people there!

Things are still going very well. Korean is advancing very well, and im happy with my progress. but not satisfied, there is sooo much more that i need to learn and get down. our district was asked to participate in a new teacher training activity yesterday which was awesome. the teacher asked us to raise our hands if the language was a struggle when teaching our investigators. elder tischner and i were the only ones who did not raise our hands, and we were being completely honest. We are able to say what needs to be said. you dont need to use elaborate words or sentences to convey this simple gospel. I believe that this simple gospel should be matched with simple words, especially for those who are new to it, and especially new to the idea of God like the people I'll be talking to. 
So thats been great! i love being able to teach in korea, even if the ones i teach right now are white and from america. its still so fun and i love seeing the progression in people and figuring out what needs to be said and explained better. 

it is crazy to look back and see how far we have all come, in language, growth, and especially time. I get my flight plans tomorrow! in a week and a half, i think, i will be on my way to the beautiful nation of South Korea,eating kimchi, walking past dog farms, not writing someones name in red ink becasue it means you want them dead, discovering their other funny traditions, and working hard for the salvation of Gods children. God and Jesus Christ personally know and love every person who has, is, and every will be on this earth. The book of mormon really helps us realize this divine relationship we can have. ive learned how well the bom describes the atonement, especially when compared to the bible. both are great and testify of christ, but htere is somehting special about the book of mormon. ive really grown to love it. 

i hope all of you really study this beautiful book that has been prepared for our day. I know that through it, we can grow much closer to our father in heaven.

Things are great here!! dont worry about me one bit. Love you all!

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