Sunday, September 21, 2014

Home Stretch!!!

Us and our awesome teacher Sister Winn!

September 19, 2014
Alright, I'm on the home stretch now. in just a few days ill be on my way to daejeon korea, the land where i have been prepared to go for longer than i can even remember. i know for sure that i am supposed to be going to this wonderful place to meet the amazing people there. I feel somewhat confident in holding my own in a gospel lesson in korean, but everyday life stuff, thatll be tough. thank goodness for trainers! And also prayer, prayers good too. We had elder scott come and talk to us on tuesday about prayer. having him walk in the room and seeing everyone stand up was probably the coolest thing i have ever experienced, goosebumps and chills everywhere!! his message was so simple and clear, but with so much power and conviction that you could not deny the truth of his message and that he has a sincere, personal testimony of this restored gospel.
this week has already flown by!! my goodness, its going so fast. the mtc has gone so fast, but it has been so fun and i have progressed so much. My teacher recommended me and eld tischner to do the how to begin teaching demonstration for the new missionaries! it was such a great opportunity! i was really scared and nervous at first, but it went great. basically, they set up a mock living room, hooked us up with mics, and had us know on a door. we went in, and just started talking to the lady(man next time) in front of abig group of new missionaries. The administrateor guy came up to us after and said that it ws the best hed ever seend done. it was so great! i loved it! i have honestly come so far. eld tischner said that if i hadnt told him, he would have had no idea that i was so shy growing up. i have come so far and can actually talk to people now! or at least try to, korean is still totugh, but itll come with hard work and prayer.
This week has gone by so fast that i dont really even know what has happened. just a lot lof study, learning, and good stuff! i love my district so much and its going to be so sad when we all separate. oh! im the travel leader for the daejeon missionaries, so thatll be pretty fun!
Thanks for all the support everyone!! i am so grateful to have all of you and hope i can make you proud.
Elder Anderson

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