Sunday, September 21, 2014

Time's Running Down

             We do wall sits after class if we were bad. We also take majestic pictures at the temple.

Me and some of the district bros! minus elders baugh, porcaro, and hines

September 4, 2014

Hello again people back home. It sure does feel like it was just yesterday that i was writing home. It is so crazy how fast it goes! We got another batch of korean missionaries, so now there are 3 generations and i am the oldest. Now thats hard to believe! The MTC really is so great and i love it here, but this past week i've a bit more anxious to get to korea. Ooh!!! Heres something crazy and also a bit terrifying. Tomorrow we are skyping with people in Korea, and having a 40 MINUTE LONG spiritual thought/discussion for TRC. 40 minutes with real koreans, in real korea, speaking real korean speed. Its pretty intimidating! but itll be a good time. I hope! Thats a long time to speak only korean with people who only speak korean. but im pretty excited for it too!
Its pretty hard trying to remember what has happened this last week. so dont get mad if youre disappointed with what a wirite. Because anger is bad!!
Ooh! I have a request for all of you. read john 16, and pay special attention to the last half. it is amazing! its Christ talking to His disciples about how he is going to leave them soon. The last verse is up there with my favorites of all time! So please read it!! and all of the scriptures! They are so amazing. I never really got into the scriptures before coming here, and boy do i regret that now. They really are an amazing blessing and gift from God, so please use this wonderful gift. I dont think anoyone would regret studying the scriptures too much, just like being too kind. So be kind to everyone! Especially new converts. They need your love and support soooo much and member involvement cannot be overstated.
This next sunday is fast sunday! Which means ill have the opporutinity to bear my testimony in the great language of korean. It really is crazy how fast we learn here. I wish i could just talk to all of you and show you the effects of the amazing spirit thats here.
Korea is coming up and it is so crazy. Im super excited, pretty scared, and also sad to leave. but i know that i am meant ot be in korea. Im going to do all i can to prepare for those people. Thank you so much for everything, i love you all, and i love the message i have the opportunity to share!

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