Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Getting Chilly

                                                    Not what I expected

December 7, 2014

Man, it really has been suuuper cold this week. I bundle up like crazy, but still this humid cold gets you right to the bone. But that’s ok! It’s been fun starting to hear a few Christmas songs every now and again, and see the snow, but it sure does make missionary work tough. The people on the streets don’t want to talk, and the poles are too wet to put ads on!! So we tried door knocking, which everyone always says is just not a good thing to do. But I felt like by doing that, we would be able to talk to more people than wandering the cold streets. So we did it! We only did a few doors before running out of time and having a guard called on us, but I felt good about it. Everyone seems to stick to the same methods here over and over, so I feel like we need to try new approaches. It’s just hard to come up with them sometimes!

We started an English class this week! We advertised quite a bit and had 7 people show up. One of them I think has a lot of potential. His name is woo sangbung, but likes to go by captain woo. haha he has had some good experiences with god and I think he could really be a good one. His wife is a devout member of another church, but he thinks it’s corrupt, so he’s wondering how our church is different. It should be good!! 

Funny story, another guy saw our ad and scheduled a meeting with him. We wound up in a health center in an English class with all these people ages 60-87. hahaha man, old Korean people are the best!! So we might go to that class every Wednesday and try to see if we can get some gospel stuff going there. 

Overall, it was a good week and things seem to be picking up. Here goes week 5 of my first transfer. It’s crazy how fast it goes!! And everyone says the last 2 weeks are the best, so hopefully we'll get some good work done!!


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