Sunday, December 14, 2014

Staying In Good Ol' Daejeon

Bought me some donuts


December 14, 2014
I just got the news that I will be staying here in Daejeon, now as a cosenior! Woohoo! I’m super happy to stay being things seem to be picking up here lately. We found a new investigator last Monday, her name is garam kim, and she is a student at the local university and a wrestler. haha she seems super prepared with good experiences with god and reading the bible, and kinda searching from church to church. we're hoping for the best!!

There’s a guy we’ve been meeting with almost every night for the past transfer and before that. His name is yoonshig lee, and is about 70 years old. I haven’t talked much about him because there just isn’t much progress. I feel sooo bad for him. He has a wife, kids, and grandkids, but no idea where any of them are. He has 8 siblings, but no contact with them either. He really has no one in his life besides us. He does the exact same thing every single day, and is super lonely. We’ve been frustrated with him and his refusal to pray or progress, but a meeting this week changed our thoughts. He kinda opened up a bit more with us. Right before we left, he said he had a bad nervous feeling and needed some alcohol. He has some problem he won’t tell us about that really troubles him. I asked if there was anything outside of alcohol that he could do, but that’s when he told us how he has absolutely no one in his life. It was heart breaking! I always saw him as a tough, hardened man, but the vulnerability in his eyes at that moment was piercing. I know that this gospel and church is exactly what he needs, but he just won’t accept that that’s even a possibility. It’s so hard! I want to help so bad, but there’s only so much I can do without them taking steps. 

We got some more free food on the road again! This guy that used to live in Utah took us out to get this other super expensive meat. He is a science professor, and says that he just can’t accept the way that Christ was born. It’s so hard to help these people when they are so stuck in their ways at time, but we're always sharing and inviting and giving people a good view about missionaries. 

Things are going well, and we're meting this golden guy later today. He was a former investigator, received all the lessons, and had a baptismal date, but for some reason not really know, got dropped. We finally scheduled an appointment and hopefully he will be our present to Christ for Christmas!! 

Enjoy the holidays and remember the true meaning!!!

Elder Anderson

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