Monday, December 22, 2014

The Week Before Christmas

December 21, 2014

This week was a good one full of parties! Well, 2 of them. We had the mission Christmas party this week and it was soooo much fun seeing everyone again. I really missed all my friends from the MTC and Elder Murdoch and Cowles from Jeonju. I think that was the best part, when those two walked in! It was a little embarrassing with the girlish screams that came out of my mouth while I was being swung around by another guy, but hey, those 2 kept me sane my first transfer!! It was the best thing ever being with all these people I have grown so close to. Man, I’ve been blessed with great friends since coming on my mission. 

We also had a ward Christmas party this week. The missionaries in the ward put on a little musical skit that was pretty fun. I like my ward, but not as much as jeonju, and it is soooo hard to try to build relationships with them when I can barely speak and we can never visit them. We did have one member visit with a single, older man yesterday and it went super well. Everyone seems to be scared of us coming over, but it is just super relaxed and fun when we do. 

One of the hardest things I’ve seen so far is people meet with us, feel the spirit, seem to have so much potential, and then disappear. Our college girl investigator can't be contacted, the guy with the Christian wife has disappeared, and all we really have left is yunshig lee, and our good friend that just wants to practice English. It’s so hard to find people it’s insane!!! But we're still pushing forward, trying to help these people. It’s hard when we know how much our message can help, but when we just say hi to them, they put up their hand and walk right by. 

Ooh!!! the new missionaries came this week and I got to take one out for a proselyting activity. It was the best thing ever!!!! I was soooo surprised with how well I could speak! haha we talk to lots of people and there was only one part I couldn’t understand! Yay!!! We even got a guy’s number! It is so crazy to see them come in and see how far I have come since then! But then, we were at the church when all the zl's were there, and they were speaking and made me feel super inadequate. haha a mission sure is full of ups and downs, but its good. Really good!

Have a merry Christmas everyone, and go ahead and read some stories out of the New Testament about Christ’s life. He sure was one amazing man! Much, much more than just a man. 

Merry Christmas! 

love, elder anderson
                         please ignore the double chin this rice is making me grow

my main men Elder Cowles and Murdoch

There's a corner with a horde of rats!! blehh!!! 

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