Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Stalkers and Butt-Dial Miracles

February 9, 2015
          We had a pretty great week over here in Daejeon!  But boy did we walk a lot.  My legs are getting way too big!  Anyways, yeah, we got ourselves a bit of a stalker.  He is this slightly handicap guy who we have seen pretty often on the street.  A while ago, the office elders met with him and he was super creepy, and when they left the church they could not get away from him.  They had to threaten to go to the cops to get him to leave.  Well, when he latched onto us, he was the one saying to go to the cops!!  He even flagged down a cop car who pulled up, but saw that he was crazy and left.  After trying forever to get him to leave, we called his bluff and went to the police station.  He made it right up to the door, and started drifting away when Elder Warren went inside.  The cop came out.  I explained the situation (in Korean of course), then we walked, turned a corner, and took off running!!!  Pretty fun stuff actually. 

          During weekly planning we were looking at our goals for that week and how we could accomplish them.  It was Friday and we saw that we needed 1 more lesson besides the scheduled ones.  We went through every possible person but could not think of a way to get it.  Then we got a phone call.  It was a guy who came to English class one time, but we were not able to contact him after.  And it was a butt-dial!!  We stayed on the line until he finally noticed, talked for a bit had no idea what he was saying, kinda faked it, and were able to set up an appointment for that day.  What?  It was insane!  And the lesson went great.  His name is Yongho Jang, super funny guy.

          We also had an awesome lesson with Ooyong Jo, the divorced guy.  We showed him the Mormon Message, “The Refiners Fire” and talked about trials.  We talked about following Christ, and even extended a baptismal invitation!  He didn’t accept, but it still felt good and he has come a long way.  Please pray for him!  This would change his life so much!

          Well, that was a bit of my great week here in Korea.  I’m loving my time with Elder Warren.  We are great friends.  I hope you all involve the Lord in accomplishing your righteous goals!  I know that He wants to help, but you must let Him in first.

          Elder Anderson

My companion is the blonde one on the right


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