Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Couple of Miracles

April 13, 2015

          I had a nice week and topped it off with a wonderful conference weekend.  How blessed we are to live in this dispensation at a time when prophet’s words are so easily accessible.  I love the prophet and apostles and truly sustain all that they do.  They will never lead us astray.

          We had the privilege to experience a couple of miracles this week!  On Wednesday, we were waiting at the big bus terminal to meet our zone leader so he’d have a companion.  We decided to get up and do something while we waited.  We were taping an English ad to a post, when this college aged guy stopped and watched.  We said hello and complimented his hat or coat as we so regularly do.  He spoke to us in perfect English, asking if we were latter day saints from Utah.  He said he had recently been reading some articles on baptism and had encountered our church and had some questions, but no one to answer them.  I’d say he found the right guys!  We discussed the ordinance of baptism, the restoration, polygamy, the law of chastity, and homosexuality.  All of his questions and views were spot on!  It almost seemed too good to be true at first, but he was so sincere and had truly been thinking about religion and what it should be.  Our zone leader came, and this guy’s in his area!!  Nooo!!!  But it was a really cool experience. 

          We also found a less active just on the street this week who was offended by a mission president’s wife, and has not been able to get herself to come back since.  We visited her again at her door and had a long chat, and hopefully said things that were to her benefit. 

          Our Chinese guys are acting super strange and not wanting to meet because of school. 

          We were at the office one day and Pres. Shin pulled us in for a quick talk.  He talked about how difficult this ward is, but that he knows we’re working hard and doing well.  It’s hard when we just want to uplift the members, but they don’t seem all that happy to see us and avoid our questions concerning times when we could briefly drop by and leave their home with a spiritual message and a prayer.  But things are going well and I love it here.  It’s where I was meant to go.


          Elder Anderson
Bought me some sweet Korean ties

My sweet new gang

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