Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Going back to the Jeonju Zone

April 20, 2015
Well, I got the news that I will be leaving the Samsung Ward of Daejeon (don’t know where to yet, will send in email).  It was pretty funny how I found out because I found out on Sunday rather than Monday.  Long story short, I was told at sacrament meeting to give a talk (and I thought they said it was because I’m leaving – the office elder told me).  So I get up there and talk about how I’m going and shared D&C 1:23.  Afterwards, Pres. and the AP’s all asked me what made me think I was going.  I was so confused!!  Eventually, they did say yes, I am transferring but didn’t say where.  I’m kind of sad to leave this area.  I love E. Warren and I’ll miss a few of the members and our investigators.  One member who is moving to Tennessee to be back with her husband said it was like saying goodbye to her brother.  I’ve met a lot of great people and made some good memories.  But I am also excited to go somewhere new and get a fresh start and something.

We got to meet a family!!!  This super nice family invited us over because they wanted to be nice.  They don’t have too much gospel interest, but hopefully they continue to let the elders over.  Other than that the week wasn’t too eventful.  We only had 3 appointments, but I still feel like we were successful.  I’ve been good lately about talking on the streets, and we were actually able to visit some members.  It’s been sad saying goodbye, but I trust that Pres. Shin is receiving revelation about where I need to go.  There are good times ahead, that is for sure. 

Ooh!!  One of our investigators (we study the Old Testament together) took us out for a party because I’m going.  We ate a whole bunch of sketchy, delicious fried street foods!  And also ground up boiled fish on a stick (really good).  Man, Korea’s the best.

 Elder Anderson
I'm going back to the homelandof the Jeonju Zone, to the city of Iksan, with my second naïve Korean companion!  We'll be co-seniors again down here, should be super great!
Me and Sungjune Park!!  Crazy guy

Our silly apple selling man who had a selfie stick he wanted to use

Favorite member family

Some dumplings!

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