Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Investigators

May 25, 2015

I have officially hit my 10 month mark, wow.  So weird and hard to believe.  We had a pretty great week here in Iksan.  We were blessed with 2 new investigators!!!  We have found more new investigators here in my 4 weeks than I have in all my other areas and transfers combined!!  Or just about.  One lady called off an English ad, and another lady we found on the street after petting the 5 dogs she always has with her.  They have decent potential.  We have a progressing investigator!  Park Jimeen who we found last week (English ad) is doing very well.  She’s reading the Book of Mormon and prays wuper well.  So please pray for her.

I went on a split this week with our District Leader, Elder Lominga, which went super well.  It’s always great to be with someone new every once in a while and see how they do things.  And it’s because of him that we have our dog lady investigator!

On Sunday, we met with this pastor guy who is currently in grad school for theology to become a pastor or what not.  We were able to answer his many questions about things like the Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Man’s ability to become like God, Word of Wisdom, priesthood, polygamy, and more.  He wanted to see if what they learn about our church in school was right and was very curious.  He really seemed to like our responses and left with a newfound respect.  Hopefully he can share it with his other religious leader friends and change the way people see our church, because right not it’s not too good.  This week, through talking with many people with other religions, I have truly come to know that we have the restored truth and I am so grateful to have it in my life.  Please, always remember the blessings and guidance that it brings.  Never focus too much on the things you don’t fully understand and let them tear down that which you know to be true.  Hold on to the hope and faith that you have.


Elder Jace Anderson
Elder Lominga

Me, my comp and the pastor dude we met with!

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