Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm growing a lot

August 17, 2015

          This week was not too exciting.  We were only able to meet with 1 investigator, Bro. Beak, but he seems to be doing well.  He was one of my old investigators and he is doing whole lot better now.  In the past he was all English interest, but now he is taking interest in the gospel portion and keeping commitments. 

          We were able to meet with one other guy, but he has a mental issue that keeps him from progressing, and I don’t think we will even be able to meet him again.

          The most exciting thing this week was we got a referral from a Korean member from Bountiful!  His niece had been living there and since she came back to Korea he wanted her to continue to meet with the missionaries.  But sadly when we spoke with her dad, he said that it’s not something that they or his daughter want.  So that was pretty sad and disappointing.

          We’ve met some crazy people this week and made lots of good memories.  We are still trying to find those who will accept the gospel, but it’s hard enough to find any that are willing to talk with us.  We had a few people throw up their arms, yell out, and then run across a big street because we just said hi and asked something like where they are going.  But there are some great people!  We have an appointment with a really cool guy we met on the street for tonight.  So hopefully that will go well!  I’m growing a lot and become a better person, but just wish I could have a bigger effect on others.

          Elder Anderson

The kinda handicap guy we met and our chicken party!! Please notice the extremely rare dr pepper i found.

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