Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm Staying!

August 24, 2015

          This week was super great!  We were blessed with 3 new investigators.  Wow!  The one who seems to have the most potential is Jim.  We met him on the street a few weeks back and met him for the first time last week.  He speaks English super well and is just a really, really great guy.  He’s interested in our church and how we’re different.  Hopefully he likes it!  There’s another guy who is mainly English interest, and then an older taxi driver who kind of just wants someone to talk to it seems like.  But we have things to do!  Yay!

          I went on a split this week with Elder Russell our zone leader and it was super great.  We had a ton of appointments planned but they almost all cancelled, but we were able to meet a guy on the street and meet with him right then and there!  So that was a cool unexpected miracle.  I learned a lot on the split and think we’ll be able to progress Iksan a lot now.  Ooh!  Funny story.  After the split we were at the bus terminal and these American guys were there and were super frustrated and went to the ticket counter and just kept saying “refund” but of course the guy couldn’t understand.  So I stepped in front and started talking with the guy at the ticket counter.  I could hear the guys behind me saying, “Woah!  Who is that guy?  Is he helping us?”  It was pretty funny.  We talked for a little bit and they were super impressed with us and now they have good feelings about missionaries!

          We are trying to work with this family who met us for English a bit ago.  They had us over for dinner last night and had a good time and when we shared a spiritual message at the end, the mom said she is starting to like our message.  It might take some time and strategy, but they have some potential too!

          Things are looking very bright and I don’t want to leave.  Today we get transfer calls and I really hope I stay.  I’m really enjoying my time here and learning a lot.

          Elder Anderson

P.S. I’m staying!  Yay!

me and elder russell eating good japanese food

the cool miracle guy we found on the split


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