Sunday, March 13, 2016

April 3rd Hopefully

March 14, 2016

          Big news of last week.  I was able to baptize the sister’s investigator, Marie.  She’s from California and even knows Turlock!  It was a really good experience and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.  I was suuuper nervous because she’s not very small and I’ve never baptized anyone before, but it went well.  I did have to push her under the water though.  Haha but we got it done in 1 try!

          Also our investigator Park Jonghoon set a baptism date for April 3.  He’s the slightly handicap one whose parents don’t really like church.  He is going to move out soon and then he’ll be able to go to church and get baptized!  We’re not sure when he’ll move out, so please pray for it to be soon.

          Yang Dongwan came out to church!  But I was in the back translating so I didn’t notice and none of the members said anything to him.  Even after the meeting, everyone just walked right by him.  Pretty frustrating.  We were able to meet him once this last week but he didn’t seem as into it as last time.  He still has potential though!

          We weren’t able to meet many people last week, so we really need to find more.  It’s hard though!  Like last week, we started talking with this guy and then he pulls out this crappy little pamphlet and tries to proselyte to us.  We were nice and patient as he read through it.  He read some part about the importance of Christ so I said it reminded me of a similar scripture in the BoM, Mosiah 3:17.  I tried to get him to read it but he freaked out and no matter how much I said about how it will strengthen his faith he refused and proceeded to tell us how we need to study the Bible and pray more.  Dude.  You don’t know who you’re talking to.  But we were younger than him so because of Korean culture there was nothing we could do.  Oh well.

          We did have a funny experience this last week.  This guy called us to teach English so we went to his office.  Instead of him learning, he’s forcing 2 of his employees to learn.  Why?  Because he’s afraid that robots will surpass humans…oh Koreans.

          Things are going well, we just need to find some more people and figure out how to help the people we have to progress!

          Elder Jace Anderson

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