Sunday, March 6, 2016

Slower week

March 7, 2016

          Things have slowed down a bit again.  We only had 4 appointments this last week and our investigators are kind of disappearing.  But it’s ok, we found an awesome new guy named Yang Dongwon.  We met him on the street last week and got his number but didn’t think much of it.  When we contacted him again I was really surprised that we were able to set an appointment.  He’s 27 years old and just a super nice guy.  He wants to make some foreigner friends (because he lived in New Zealand for a while) but also wants to learn more about the church and what we’re doing.  Awesome!  We gave him a soft baptismal invitation which he accepted well.  He was planning on coming to church but had to move houses, but will come out next week.  He’s super cool.  I’m excited for him.  He also came out to English class which was a good time to build a good relationship.

          Our ward now starts at 1 so our funny older investigator was able to come (right after his church) but sped out super quick so I don’t know what he thought…that’s about all the news with investigators.  Oh!  A while back we had this guy named Kim Yooshin who we thought had great potential but stopped answering calls.  Well, I tried again but it went super poorly.  He just said, “I don’t believe the Book of Mormon.  Bye.”  We were super good friends before.  I know he talked with his church people and it makes me so sad that they changed him so much.

          Elder Beard (my 2nd comp) is AP and we did a short evening split.  It was fun to look back on the old days (over a year ago!) and see how much we’ve learned and how far we’ve come.

          It was really rainy this weekend, super rainy actually, so we ended up knocking apartments a little bit and actually found one lady who listened and took a pamphlet.  It was awesome!  Haha it doesn’t happen too much. 

          Well, I wish there was more good news to share, but the other elders are getting baptismal dates like crazy, so that’s going really well.  Hopefully we can join in the fun.  My scripture this week is Alma 17:11, so let’s be patient in our trials and show good examples to those around us.  Thanks!

          Love, Elder Jace Anderson

A bit of my area and lots of rain!


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