Sunday, October 5, 2014

On your mark. Get set. What in the world???

September 28, 2014

Well, here I am in Korea! My first area is the big city of Jeonju. Look it up, it’s pretty cool.  My companion is a native, Elder Jung, but he speaks pretty good English. We are opening a new area, so we have absolutely nothing. I haven’t taught a single lesson, and we have only gotten in one home, our mission leaders. But Korea is a super cool place but soooo confusing. We take so many buses and I never have any idea where we are or where we are going. It’s been tough because I feel like I just follow my comp around, and never know where it is that were going or what we’re doing. 

We are opening up a new area, so we don’t have any investigators or anything which has been tough. All the Korean I’ve learned is for teaching, but I haven’t been able to really use it except for a guy that I talked to on the bus. He doesn’t believe in god and said he wasn’t interested but it was good to talk to him.  It’s really hard to talk to people. I’m not really one to just up and talk, so it’s been tough. The food here has been weird. I have never eaten any squid before, but now I have it just about every day. I even had deep fried squid from a street vendor!! I was really scared for that and that I might get sick. My apt is ok.  We don’t have any beds here in Korea, so that’s been different, just mats. 

 I was feeling super down on Saturday, sort of questioning everything as we seemingly wasted the day away. That’s how it feels sometimes when you don’t have anyone listen to you. We got a referral from some website and it was waaaay out in the sticks of Korea. A mix between India, Mexico, and Korea. We got dropped off from the bus, asked for directions at a convenience store and started walking. It gets really dark here and we were walking through some sketchy construction site. That morning for some reason I packed a flashlight. Boom! Miracle! We were super duper lost about 30 minutes from home in the sticks of Korea, and we walk up to this road and my comp runs up to this van and we get in. I thought it was a taxi, but it was a member he know who served in his ward!!! In the middle of nowhere in Korea with hardly any members as it is! We found the house, which was a dud, but I know this experience was for me to boost my spirits and remind me that God really is there for me. 
I’m going to keep working hard and find someone to teach!! Thanks for everything!! 
Elder Anderson


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  1. You rock! Great attitude! From Sister Knight (foothill 3rd)