Sunday, January 4, 2015

호호호 메리 크리스마스

Merry christmas everyone!!! For being in a super buddhist country, christmas was pretty good!!! Of course, skyping was the highlight, but we got to eat some super expensive, delicious food at a buffet which was great!!! sorry for the spelling, I'm not a good speed typer. We went caroling on christmas eve as a zone which was really fun. on the bus back, i talked to a guy and he actually accepted a BOM, yay!! so that made christmas eve pretty good too. I have found that i am happiest when i am sharing the message that i have been called to share. but it is still really hard to open my mouth. I'm getting much better though!

We got in contact with our college investigator again!! she came to english class and we met with her and sis shin afterward. we did the first lesson again and it was super great! the words seem to just flow out and it was a super cool experience. But its all up to her as to whether or not she keeps her commitments and desires an answer. darn agency.

The old guy we meet with all the time said that the only reason we are here and believe this church is because our parents raised us that way. it was pretty hurtful actually. And since members of other churches think theirs is true and pray also, he doesnt think that we are really different and won't really take us seriously. he just listens and tries to come up with ways to combat us. and since he refuses to pray, he will never find out for himself. he just wants us to logically prove it right. super frustrating!!

But jo ooyong seems to be doing well. he says he feels good when meeting with us, so hopefully we can capitalize on that.

Well, i hope you all had a merry christmas and remember christ all throughout the year. thanks for all the support!!!
Elder Anderson


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