Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bible Bashers, Homeless Haters, and Deaconesses

January 11, 2015

Alrighty! This week was a little bit unique, which is good because the same old stuff can get boring. We knocked doors and actually got in a house!! That is HUGE in Korea!!!!! It usually only happens once or twice during a mission. We talked to this kid who is studying the bible and introduced the Book of Mormon, it went really well! But when we got up to leave, his mom took the book and tried to give it back saying that they already have a bible. She is a deaconess and a big church lady. The kid fought her on it saying that he wants it, but we haven’t been able to contact him since. We will try knocking again soon.

We also sat by this homeless guy once and started talking with him. When we got up, this lady started talking to us saying that we shouldn’t be serving people like him. It was really strange and sad!!! We were trying to be like Christ, but were attacked for being nice to someone. So odd!!!

We started talking to this teenager and it turns out he wants to be a pastor, so we got into my first real bible bash scenario. It was really strange too. We tried to have him read Moroni’s promise, but he refused because he said that the bom and our church is from Satan. It kinda hurt! People are so irrational and think they know everything about us, but they don’t!!!

I got an interview with pres and it helped a lot. He said that he noticed that I was special when I first came, and that I need to be ready to be in charge this next transfer coming up in 3 weeks. Uh oh!!!! I can’t be senior yet!!! I can barely speak Korean at all!! ahhh but I know if I get the call, it is from the lord. And since this is the Lord's work, He will not let me fail. But who knows what will happen. I could stay cosenior, or go back to junior. Whatever happens, I’m still on the Lord's errand! And that is definitely a good time to me!

I love you all., thanks for all that you do and your support!!

Love, Elder Anderson
burgers with ramen patties and buns

The effects of walking around the entire day. haha

me and elder beard went bowling!

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