Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not Too Shabby

January 18, 2015

Alright!! Well, to set the stage, 2 weeks ago we had 3 appointments the entire week. Well, on Thursday this week, we had 4 appointments all in 1 day!!!! 2 of them were with new people that have some good potential. 1 of them knows the bible craz well and said that she is waiting for a, what????? except she might be a member of this suuuuper insane crazy church here, so that would be bad. we'll find out tomorrow!!! the other is a Chinese guy that wants to learn English, but cant read. man, English is super hard!!!!!
On Saturday, for our English class, we watched the JS movie, boy do I love that one!! I invite you all to watch that again, especially if any doubts come about JS and the man that he was. So inspiring!!!!!
We met with Jo Ooyong again and talked about baptism some more. He says he thinks that the Mormons are the closest to Christ's original church, so we just need to snatch him now!!!! but he has his own church he goes to so can't come on Sundays...hmmmm....pray for him!!!
On Sunday, my favorite man ever invited us over for dinner. He is Mongolian and can't speak Korean or English, yet I know more about him than any other member. haha we met him and his wife and they are suuuper inspirational. they have such a hard life but are devoting everything so their kids back in Mongolia can live well.

 Anyways, no pictures this week but it was probably the best one so far. thanks for all the support and once again sorry for the spelling. oops, my bad.
Love, Elder Anderson

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