Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Puppy Chow


Puppy Chow

          Super big news!  I ate dog this week!  And no, it is nothing like chicken.  It is actually really slimy and eating the skin was pretty gross.  I don’t want it again that’s for sure, but I had to try it once!  We ate it because Elder Hunter, a missionary that goes home this week, came and served with us for a few days and he wanted to try it before he left.  It went pretty well and we learned a lot, but it honestly seems like we are doing the same stuff as everyone else, just with not as much visible results.  But that’s ok, we are called to push the rock, not move it. 

          Our student investigator, Wi Sungmin, decided to stop meeting with us.  He said he doesn’t have time, but we are pretty sure that his friend who came last time told him not to meet with us.  So that’s sad, but we were blessed with a new investigator, Kang Hwangu, this week.  We met him on the street last week and we met him once this week.  He seems to have good potential and is only gospel interest!  He’s our only investigator so I really hope things go well. 

          We only had that one appointment this week and the rest of our time we spent out on the streets trying to bring people to Christ.  We were soaked the entire time with sweat, rain, or both.  Man, I hate humidity so much.  But that’s ok, I’m happy to help in the Lord’s work.  On Saturday we fasted as a district so had no lunch time and just worked the streets in the summer heat for 9 hours.  I wish there was something else to do, but…we are doing our best to bring these people to Christ.  It’s just hard.

          So that was my week.  Pretty long and hard, but definitely worth doing and I could feel that this is what I am to do right now.  Pres. Benson talked about how happiness comes from finding God’s will and willingly following it, so that’s what we’re trying to do.  I just wish that I could find someone who is willing to accept this message and the happiness and security it brings.  Thank you to all for all your love support.  It really means a lot to me to have so many people cheering me on and praying for me.  This gospel can truly change people, but as shown in Alma 5:14-26, it is not a one and done thing.  This gospel can and will bless us our entire lives and after, but only if we want it to and act accordingly.  “O be wish:  what can I say more.”  (Jacob 6:11)


          Elder Jace Anderson

Update! I will be staying in Iksan but will be receiving a new companion, my good friend Elder Skouson from the MTC!! and I have also been assigned to be the new district leader in our new district of 6 elders. Im a little nervous, but I know that with the Lords help we can do all things he asks


 Elder Hunter

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