Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The best week in a while

July 6, 2015

            This was definitely the best week we have had in a while!  Definitely experienced unique things.  The first and craziest being we met the most insane person probably in the whole world, Jacy Boo.  Wow.  A little run down on her.  Well, her dream is to get a lot of money, buy a mountain and release a bunch of rabbits.  Rabbit mountain….and that’s probably the least strange thing about her!  She claims that her neighbor killed her dog, and since her neighbor is Christian, she legitimately blames Christianity for killing her dog.  She hates all organized religion, and when we said “Heavenly Father,” she freaked out saying that it’s “Heavenly Mother” and she has no time for us and doesn’t care about us.  She kept talking about how she is an artist and artists don’t have happiness, they live to destroy themselves or something.  And the weirdest thing of all, she said she has known ever since she was young that she is not from this planet, but comes from a different planet!  The look in her eyes was so demonic as she said it.  Ahh so creepy.  There was so much crazy stuff I can’t even remember it. 

            I went on a split with one of the zone leaders here in Iksan and it went really great.  There are always so many miracles when we go on splits!  People were nice to us!!  Haha and we got 7 phone numbers!  We’re in the process of trying to meet with 2 of them, the others kind of just fell away.  But it was really great!  We found a new investigator through English, a 31 year old college student named Lee Jungyun.  She’s really starting from the basics.  I hate teaching how to read!  She could have some good gospel potential but we haven’t been able to contact her again and on Sundays she works from 4 am – 7 pm…Crap.  Our other investigator, 18 year old Wi Sungmin brought a friend with him and it was seriously just a perfect 1st lesson and I thought he was extremely golden.  But he refused a Book of Mormon after.  It was crazy how well he taught and helped like a perfect member.  He even helped when we explained the Book of Mormon!  What the heck?

            Anyways, the last bit of news is I am moving out of Iksan.  But wait, I’m just moving houses.  We’re still working in Iksan but we have to live in Kimje, a 20 minute and $2.50 bus ride outside of Iksan.  It’ll take a whole lot of extra time and money and be a huge pain, but I trust Pres. Shin and his decision.  I just hope my next comp wants to work, because it’ll be super easy to just waste time now.  Yep!  That was my good week.  The church is true.  Jesus is the Christ, and this is the path back to the Father.

            -Elder Jace Anderson
elder hitchcock our zone leader

Me and some meat

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