Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Super Golden!!!

July 20, 2015               

          By far the best week of my mission, and possibly the best of my whole life to be honest.  Well, that might be a stretch, but it was a super great week!  Before E. Kim transferred, we were able to meet with our investigator Bro. Kang Hwangu and taught the Plan of Salvation.  He accepted it all very well and has a strong desire to believe.  We shared John 3:5 about needing to be baptized to return to God’s kingdom, and he accepted a baptism date for 8/16.  The problem is he works on Sundays, so it might be difficult.  But he is a super great sincere guy!

          On transfer day, after E. Kim got on the train, another missionary and I worked in Iksan as we waited for our new companions.  We talked to a guy on the street and got his #.  His name is Ha Sungyong and we were able to meet with him once my new comp, E. Skouson, came.  Holy smokes he is sooo great!  I love this guy so much!  He is just the sweetest guy and after we taught the restoration, he said that he believes it all and was so excited to get a Book of Mormon.  He said he’d come to church before we even asked, and we met with our bishop and taught the Plan of Salvation after church.  He expressed his desire to go to the Celestial Kingdom so we shared John 3:5 and he accepted a baptismal date for 8/16 as well.  I really think that he will go through with it, and could also refer his family as well.  He is the best!!

          We were also able to find another investigator, Sister June, who is a really funny lady who wants to improve her English, but is really hard to do gospel stuff with.

          This week has been super great and I am enjoying my time with Elder Skouson.  We are being so blessed and seeing so many miracles.  Iksan is changing right before our eyes and I feel so grateful to experience this.  Thank you all so much for your prayers and support.  I have felt them so much and am having such a great time in the blessed land of Iksan, once known as possibly the hardest and slowest area in the mission.  We have seen the Lord’s hand so much and know that none of this could have happened if it was not for His help.  This is the Lord’s work and He is at the helm, and I am so grateful to play my little part.


          Elder Anderson

Thanks for the package!

me and my new comp elder skouson from the mtc!! we got proselyted to by other missionaries, and this was what they gave us in their little advertisement......hhahahaha

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