Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pretty solid week

September 14, 2015

          Pretty solid week.  The beginning went well, the middle was a little bit slow, but we had a good finish.  We had a cool experience on Tuesday.  We were walking back to the bus terminal and were talking about our plan for the next day (we went to Jeonju and extended our visas which was an adventure).  I pulled out my camera to check the bus times and stopped in front of a store that sells plates and bowls and what not.  Elder Skouson and I had been talking about buying cool chopsticks, so he said that that store might have some.  Usually I would say no since it wasn’t p-day, but for some reason I felt like it would be ok, if not good.  We went in and the owners started talking with us in English and had met missionaries once in the past at the church!  So that was pretty cool, being led in there.

          I also had another cool experience on Saturday.  All our plans fell through in the afternoon so we were left out on the street.  We tried talking with people but they rejected us pretty hard so I was feeling pretty down.  I said a prayer that we would be able to find someone who would just give it a chance and listen, someone we’d be able to teach.  We stopped the next guy we saw and it went so well!  He wanted to talk for a while, accepted a B of M, gave us his number and seems pretty interested!  It was great!

          We met a few of our investigators, but nothing too big with them.  Except we’re thinking of dropping our homeless guy because he’s pretty crazy.

          Sunday was great!  We got a referral like over a month ago from a guy we met once.  The referral had hurt something so we couldn’t meet him, but he came to church yesterday!  His name is Jang Bongsuk and is 74 and in a wheelchair leave because his bottom half is paralyzed.  The members were great with him and he learned a TON, maybe too much.  Our sacrament meeting is on the 2nd floor and he was in his electric wheelchair, so couldn’t go up, but just talked with one of our members during sacrament and learned all about the church including the Pearl of Great Price and stuff.  Haha but he wants to learn more and seems like he will accept it well.  Should be great! 

          Things are going well and we’re meeting more and more people.  I’m really hoping to help one come unto Christ through baptism before I leave Iksan.  I think that Bro. Jang is showing some good signs of potential.  Hopefully things go well with him this week!!

          Thank you all for your love and support and also for all your prayers!  It means a lot to me.

          Elder Jace Anderson
 sometimes we eat sushi buffets and sometimes we eat fried egg and peanut butter sandwiches with a jar of kimchi. because we are homeless and eat at the church.
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