Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another Good Week

September 21, 2015

We had a solid week here in Iksan.  Things just keep getting better and better and I’m afraid that I will get transferred in a few weeks.  Let me tell you why things are so great!  The biggest reason is Sister Moon Sunae.  She called on Thursday, we thought it was for English, and we met on Friday.  She said she found our church and number on the internet and contacted us because she wants to attend our church!!  She is 43 and has what’s called auditory hallucination which makes it so she just hears random noises sometimes.  It’s really hard on her and she’s had it for 10 years.  She wants to work but said she can’t because of it.  She lives alone and seems pretty lonely.  The gospel will be a huge help for her.  She came to church on Sunday and it was a little unfamiliar for her, but she talked well with bishop and I think she’ll progress well.  Please pray for her!

We also have a cute little family that we are doing our English/gospel program with.  They don’t have much religious background, but there is a really good feeling in their home when we teach the gospel portion.  I hope they recognize it!

I went on a split with the new elder in the house and we had 3 lessons that day!  He said it was the busiest day of his mission.  We met another new lady, a Chinese one named Choe Eunsook who could have some potential as well.

Elder Choe (Choi?) of the 70 visited our mission!  It was really great and we learned about changing who we are and our destiny starting with our thoughts.  He also dropped quite a large bomb on our mission saying that each companionship should be baptizing one person per week.  So we’re trying to figure out how to get that done.  1 per week!  
Our paralyzed guy didn’t come out to church and we haven’t been able to teach him.  So we are kind of afraid that we could lose him.  If we can just continue he has potential.  
Things are going well and I’m enjoying my time a lot more now.  It really helps when we have things to do!  Thanks for the love and support.


          Elder Anderson 
                               ps im getting surgery today on my toe. scary!!!!!

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