Sunday, September 13, 2015

We had 11

September 7, 2015

          We had a pretty great week here.  Things really have come a long way in Iksan since I first got here  We used to average just 4 meetings (investigator lessons, member visits, less active, etc) per week, but this last week we got 11!  Hooray for having things to do!  And we also had an investigator come to church yesterday!  He called off an English ad, but when we met on Tuesday and explained our program (30 min English, 30 min gospel) he told us to do less English and more gospel!  His name is Kim Geehong.  He didn’t seem to enjoy church all that much, but he’s willing to meet again.

          Our homeless guy is pretty tough.  He has some pretty strange ideas.  He says the Book of Mormon is not truth.  Everything inside is truth, but since it has that title it’s not truth.  Weird.

          We also met 2 other investigators.  One has been an investigator for a while, but the other is fairly new and has good potential if we could just actually do a discussion with him.  We read the Book of Mormon’s intro and it took forever because he explained all the words to us.

          We were also able to find 2 good potential investigators that we should be able to meet this week.  Things really are so much better than what they used to be.  We’ve been very blessed recently and actually having things to do makes everything so much better.

          Funny story!  We were walking on the street and this lady comes up to us and starts to ask where something is, but when she realized who we were she stopped.  I tried to tell her that she could ask, but as soon as I started talking she did this crazy yodel scream thing and ran away.  We just froze and stood there out of shock for a bit. Sometimes I wonder why people think so negatively about us.  It can hurt sometimes but I mostly just feel bad for them.  The people we talk to seem so unhappy, but they are not willing to give this a try or even listen to us.

          But things are looking much better lately and things seem to be picking up a lot.  It has been so great to look back and see all the progress here.  There really is a different feeling.  Thank you for all your love and support and don’t forget the importance of enduring to the end!


          Elder Jace Anderson
                                                  An old temple site

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