Sunday, December 6, 2015

Adjusting to a new area

November 30, 2015

          It’s pretty hard to believe it’s already the last day of November.  So crazy!  This last week was alright, nothing too great.  But I do feel like I’m getting used to things more.  We still haven’t found any new people to teach, and our other investigators are just kind of floating at the same spot.  There are still several of them that I haven’t met yet.  We have a few that could get baptized whenever they feel like it though.  Oh!  I finally met Jonathan, our Filipino investigator with the baptismal date.  His date is December 12, but it won’t happen because he can’t come out to church because of work.  He wants to get baptized though, and it’ll probably happen a month down the road once he stops doing this part time job.

          So, it turned freezing here.  Especially Thursday.  It was soo cold and wet and it was just an awful time.  But it’s ok!  It’s not too bad now.  And I had to go to the hospital twice this last week.  My toe got infected so now I’m on some ills and have to bandage up my toe each day.  It seems like it’s getting better though.  I just need to keep it dry which is a very difficult task, especially because my bandage is pretty big so I can’t wear shoes…just sandals.  Lame!  Also, E. Dubois was pretty sick for a few days last week, so our team was a pretty sad sight.

          Things are going well though, we just need to find some more people.  We do have some people that could get baptized whenever they want to, so hopefully that happens!  Things are still pretty new and different here, but I know there are lots of good things ahead.  I’ve been preparing for a training at our zone thing tomorrow and have been learning about finding strength and having a good attitude.  I have been learning that when things get difficult we need to have that bigger perspective and remember why we are doing what we’re doing.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.  I hope you’re all doing well back home and staying warm!

          Elder Jace Anderson  

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