Sunday, February 28, 2016

So Close!

February 29, 2016                

          That seemed to be the theme this week, things are going well but there are just things holding people back  We had 2 people say they want to get baptized this last week, but…first off we have Park Jongmoon.  We were able to set up a dinner and lesson with a cool couple in the ward which went super well.  We talked about families and gave him a baptismal invitation for March 13.  He said he wants to get baptized, but he’s leaving this week to live in another city for a month.  Why???  He would’ve accepted it!!  Super frustrating.  But Elder Warren is in that city, so we’ll try to get them set up together.  That was disappointing.  Our second case was Park Jonghoon, yup, their names are almost the same.  He has a very slight mental problem but is completely functionable.  He loves the gospel, reads the scriptures all the time, understands super well, and is just super awesome.  He wants to be baptized but his parents oppose church.  But he said he will be moving out next month and will be able to come out to church and get baptized!  So hopefully it works out well!

          We’ve been trying to work with members better so we set up a member lesson with our 73 year old investigator Na Jinju and a 76 year old member.  It was super funny and there were several times when I had no idea what was going on.  They randomly started talking about South American society using all these crazy words in their grandpa pronunciation.  I couldn’t help but just smile and laugh as they rambled on about who knows what.  Our church time is changing to 1, so he should be able to start coming out to church. 

          I have really enjoyed meeting with these people and hope to continue to find the great people here in Korea, whether or not they’re actually Korean.  Things are going well here and I’m enjoying my time with Elder Groves.  It has been fun helping him out with Korean and what not and seeing him progress.  I never realized how hard Korean is until I started teaching it!  It’s even harder and more complex than I thought.  Haha but we have been helped a lot.  Thank you all for your help and support as well.  I hope you have a great week and read this great scripture:  Alma 5:16.  Love you all!

          Elder Jace Anderson

                                                   Us at this tower place

                                 Marco!  A less active guy we sometimes meet

Ramen burger and Park Jongmoon.  It was not good, and it was $4.50.

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