Tuesday, March 24, 2015

8 Months

March 23, 2015

Today is my 6 months in Korea and 8 months since leaving home.  Wow!  That’s pretty crazy!  This week….hmm…it was pretty good to be honest.  Let’s see…we did a lot of door knocking and English advertising, but nothing too exciting there.  Our Chinese friends are doing very well!  But only 1 came to church because the others were in Seoul.  We’ve gone through the restoration with them and are trying to get them interested in the Book of Mormon.  So they’re going through the kid picture book one, which is actually going well. 

We visited a Filipino sister in the ward twice this week who has a SUPER hard life.  She was basically snatched up in a marriage scheme and now has a very abusive husband.  So we’ve been trying to help her to find strength by having good habits of study and what not.  Super sad though.

We also had a zone conference this week that was pretty good.  We learned about culture with members.  Man, you have to be so careful here!  Haha but I definitely need to be better with the members.  I’ve been here for over 4 ½ months, and I had a sister ask me if I was new to the ward…and she had done the same thing when we had visited a month ago too.  Ugh…But we did visit a super cool member who is moving to America in a bit and she gave us refried beans, green chiles, rootbeer, and other priceless rare items.  So that was good!

After 2 or 3 weeks, we were finally able to meet Jo Ooyong again, our divorced guy.  We watched a movie about a pastor that found a Book of Mormon with no title or anything and his awesome story.  I think it’s called The Book of Mormon.  How Rare a Possession.  I really recommend it.  Yep, so that was a little taste of my week, minus loads of doors shut in my face.  Actually, most of the time they don’t open it.  They either look through the cameras or yell through the door.  Anyways it has been a good time!  I’m learning a lot and can really tell a big difference in my faith.  Thanks for all the support!


Elder Anderson

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