Sunday, March 29, 2015

Crazy Week!!

March 30, 2015

          Do you want to hear something crazy?  We got 600 minutes of teaching time this week!!!  That’s suuuper high!  No one else in the district got over 350. But sadly, almost all of it was in English.  So that stinks.  Our Chinese friends Mark, Bryce, Jason, and Fred are doing well.  Three came to church, but this is all just so new to them that it’s pretty hard to accept.  Last district mtg. we kind of got attacked for why we haven’t given them a baptismal invitation.  The zone leader even forced a split and when we asked why, he said, “To get a baptismal date.”  Things went well that appointment, but no date.

          Anyways, a new guy called off an English ad and we’ve met with him 2x now.  I don’t know really how seriously he is taking what we teach, but he’s willing to listen!  His name is Lee Kangshin (Adam).

          Another crazy story!  We were walking one night and saw this super drunk guy walking down the street.  He decided to try to take the escalator, and well….took a dive.  We ran over just in time to see him bouncing and rolling down the steps.  It was a pretty nasty fall.  We ran down and E. Warren checked for some broken bones, some other guy called 119 (yes, it’s 119) and we stayed with him until they came.  So yeah, don’t drink alcohol.  We’re pretty sure he broke a rib and messed up his back by the way the emergency people treated him.

          My suggestion this week is for all of you to boost your testimony of the restoration.  A recent convert here is getting held up by some church history stuff that I honestly had never even heard.  But it’s ok because I know that God knows best, and I definitely can’t deny the Book of Mormon.  That is definitely enough proof for me.  So stay strong everyone!

          Elder Jace Anderson
Movie and chicken pday!

We also knocked that entire complex and left ads on all of them, talked to like 4 people...we need member missionary work, that's for sure!

So these were supposed to last 2 years...Well I found the cause of my huge calluses!


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