Saturday, March 14, 2015

We Now Have 3 New Investigators

March 9, 2015

          The beginning of the week was kind of mehh, but the back half went very well.  We now have 3 new investigators!  2 of them are former investigators, these Chinese guys who I met when I first came here about 4 months ago.  But they went back to China and I forgot all about them.  Well, they just came to church yesterday!!  So that was great!  Their names are Bryce and Jason, so hopefully we can keep things going with them.  The other new guys is this sweet 80 year old man who wants to learn English to travel.  He saw our ad, but said that he was also interested because we are missionaries.  We met him once, introduced our program and talked a bit about prayer.  He basically bore his testimony about prayer and started crying!  I have never seen a Korean man cry before!  His wife passed away several years ago and he has 7 kids.  I think he (Gwangho Yu) could really take to our message.

          We also met this guy on the street who was sitting outside a coffee shop.  He called us over, we sat down and had a good chat.  He offered to buy us some coffee, was a little bit drunk, and pulled out a cigarette, but hey, and the end of it all he said that he wants to meet again!  That was the first time anyone has said that to me on the street!  Yay!

          It wasn’t all great this week.  There were definitely some really hard times.  But looking on it, it was all worth it for what has come out of it so far.  I guess that’s just how missions go!  Some super hard, trying times, but also some amazing rewards.  And I am excited for all of it!

          Elder Anderson

Bowling.  I scored a 173

Me and Chanjo Park.  We study the Old Testament together because his wife would divorce him if he converted...

A Korean high school schedule goes way up until the night!!

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