Monday, March 2, 2015

We haven't given up on her just yet!


This week was pretty good, but sadly no one is really progressing.  We met with Jungju Lee (the other lady that knows the Bible super well), but beforehand she sent a text saying that it would probably be the last time because our ideas are too different.  She is waiting for the prophesies in the Book of Revelation, and showed us a video of this guy who is uniting all these different religions.  But this guy was just yelling and screaming and it was a bit creepy!  We did our best to pull things back on track, but it just kept going further and further away.  We go with Elder Bringhurst, one of the senior missionaries, and he could tell that it was kind of going off.  So he stepped in to wrap it up.  He bore his testimony and told her how much we care.  He also said that because of her text, it seems like this might be our last meeting.  I was translating for him, and when I was talking about it probably being our last time, I actually started to cry!  I have really grown to care about these people, so it is really sad when they are misled by the world.  But I think she softened up by seeing our sincerity.  She said, out of nowhere, that one day she would like to see what it’s like at our church!  So we haven’t given up on her just yet!

In other news, we lost our phone.  But since Korea is the best, it showed up the next morning!

Also, we are working with a family to get a referral for General Conference, and it’s going well!

That’s about all the exciting stuff I have for now.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.  It means a lot to me.

          Elder Anderson

Becca sent me a cookie mix, but I had to make it in the rice cooker.

Chicken!  It looks awful in pictures, but it's good.

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