Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

This last week was a nice one.  There is a missionary who was an AP last transfer, but leaves partway through this one.  So he’s going around working with younger companionships.  He came with us for 2 days, and it was super great!  I learned a lot and have a better idea of how I can improve.  The 3 of us met with our investigator Heungjue Lee, who has been meeting off and on since June 2007.  They were a little pushy and didn’t really like it too much, so he still doesn’t have a baptismal date.

We had a cool miracle this week!  So, meal invitations from members are super rare here.  But we received one last Sunday from the bishop for Friday evening.  But the problem was, we aren’t allowed to eat with members after 6:00 but the invitation was after that.  I didn’t realize it was until Friday evening.  We really wanted to go so we could try to build a relationship, but we knew that doing so would be knowingly, blatantly disobeying.  So we decided to call and explain.  Long story short, before we told him the situation, he said we need to change the appointment to Saturday afternoon!  Yay!  1 Nephi 3:7 sure is true.

One more cool story!  We went in a 711 to charge my bus card and this guy in his upper 20’s and the old lady cashier were just in there yelling at each other.  I walked up, and as she was charging my card, he turned to me and said in English, “She is such a ####.”  He explained what was going on.  Basically, she wouldn’t let him buy a 40 cent lighter with his card and it turned into a big fiasco.  He said he met with missionaries in the past and they helped his depression a bit, but suddenly stopped.  Then the cops came in!!!  I wanted to give him our business card, but they were all talking together.  My comp kept saying let’s go, let’s just go, but I just wanted to slip him our card.  And I’m sure glad I did!  He called and met with us on Sunday and he has a ton of potential.  He has had a super tough life with his family, poverty, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, you name it.  But he has been super humbled and I think he could really accept our message well.  He sue does need it, and it would help him so much.  So please pray for him!  Brother Bit Han.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom ever!  And also to my wonderful grandmothers and any other mom who happens to read this. 

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support!!!  This truly is the Lord’s work.

Elder Jace Anderson

Elder Williams!!!  The awesome traveling AP

We found a mini bamboo forest!!!!

We tried to find a less active and wound up in a cool part of town

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