Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The power of constant prayer

May 4, 2015
Not the most exciting or eventful week, but it went well.  We found a new investigator!  Well, more like a new person for me to teach English to, or at least try.  Her name is Younjae Gu (I have no idea how to Romanize it), and she called off an English ad.  She is probably upper 20’s, maybe 30 years old.  We have permission to meet with women here because there are no sister missionaries and also no ward members to help.  Anyways, who knows if she has much gospel interest or not.

We were also able to meet our other investigator, Houngjae Lee, and his member and Filipina wife, Lia.  He’s been meeting with missionaries since 2007…..So hopefully we can spark something in him to get him moving a bit.

We also had a combined zone conference in Daejeon which went well.  Except I’ve had to travel a lot lately which is not cheap!  But a sister in the ward gave us a bunch of kimchi and meat and onions and more kinds of kimchi, so we don’t really have to buy many groceries.  Anyways, enough food rambling. 

I think the thing I have learned this week is that we truly can receive comfort through prayer, and the power of constant prayer.  Such a blessing.  Thanks for all the support!

E. Anderson

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