Sunday, October 4, 2015

Say what??!!??

September 28, 2015

To start off the week I got toe surgery!  And it was no fun at all.  Pretty darn painful!  Especially when the guy stuck a needle directly into the gross hurt part.  Ouch!  After it was numb he just went to town with some scary scissors.  He was just slicing and yanking and I was lay8ing there trying not to imagine what was going on. After a while they wrapped it up and sent me to another room.  The lady nurse comes in and says something I couldn’t understand.  Then she said it in English, but I still didn’t get it.  I look at my comp and he says, “injection.”  I looked at her and she says “injection” as she pats her butt.  Oh no.  Next thing I know I’m laying on this bed thing with my pants down and this lady just starts slapping me on the butt, then rubbing, then said I was done.  I didn’t even feel it!  Haha I had to wear 1 shoe and 1 slipper this week which wasn’t fun and limped a lot, but things are going well now!

We were able to teach several lessons this week, 10 actually!  I think it might’ve been a record for me and we were actually busy some of the time.  Sister Moon is doing ok.  We met her a few times but she’s not doing well with keeping commitments.  I still think she’ll be baptized though.  I might get transferred in like a week and half, so we’ll see what happens with her!  I still don’t really feel like I’m ready to leave and I think there’s a decent chance of doing 5 transfers here in Iksan.  We weren’t able to meet our paralyzed guy and things aren’t looking too great for him.  The other people we met were mainly new people for English.  And they’re like all women!  Good think there are no sisters here or we would have like no investigators!  We met our homeless guy one last time and dropped him after he declined a baptism invitation.  He just has no chance to improve and no desire to do so.  And he’s pretty crazy.

Well, it has now been a year since I have come to Korea.  It’s pretty hard to believe that it’s been that long!  I’ve come a long ways, but I know that I still have a lot to do and still need to improve a whole lot.  I’m grateful for the time that the Lord has given me and for all the chances and opportunities that I have been blessed with.  Thank you all for your love and support.


Elder Jace Anderson
                                 My wrapped up toe. It looks pretty good now!

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