Sunday, October 25, 2015

9 Months to Go

October 26, 2015

          This last week was a bit slower than they’ve been lately, but it was still a good one. Kim Hyobong (the older guy) came out to church for the 4th time and we met him twice, once with bishop.  He wants to attend church and even pay funds, but he just doesn’t want to be baptized for some reason.

          We met the family twice this week, once with the aunt.  They said they would come out to church, but the daughter woke up with a cold so they couldn’t make it.  We taught lesson 3, the Gospel of Christ, using some fun teaching aids for the kids which they really liked.  The aunt read from the BofM and actually remembered what she read!  She seems like she could have some interest and potential.  They just need to come out to church again and actually get a warm welcome.  But they’re still a super cute family and they gave us cheese!!!  Just like those American cheese individual slices, but still!

          Oh, I gave a talk in church on Sunday, and bishop asked me on Saturday night.  Haha I prepared a talk on asking questions and receiving answers specifically for the family, but they didn’t come. 

          We were able to meet Bro. Jang, the paralyzed guy, at his house but weren’t able to teach too much.  He might take some time.  We also had the worst lesson of my life this week.  It was with Kim Gihong, the guy that just talks a ton.  I don’t know why, but he was a completely different person.  He refused to read scriptures when we asked, and kept going on rants about other churches.  When we tried to stop him and tell him that we had an important message to share and how we aren’t those other churches, he went insane!  And he even refused to take his BofM when he left.  It was a pretty sad time.

          Update on Sis Moon!  Bishop finally got a hold of her.  She said she’s just super confused about life and everything right now so she doesn’t want to see anyone.  But she said she’d answer our call in a few days.  Hopefully we can get her back!

          We found a fun less active Filipina lady named Melinda this last week.  She is so nice, reads the BoM every day and prays every day but works on Sunday and doesn’t really like the ward.  But she did say that she would like to be pen-pals with Marissa!  So hopefully we can figure it out, it would be pretty fun!

          We had a cool experience this week.  There’s a lady we met maybe 2 weeks ago and gave her a BoM.  She works at a grocery store so we visited her and she said that she has already read half of it!  The down side is she doesn’t seem all that impressed and she doesn’t want to take the lessons with us.  But if she keeps reading and does it sincerely, it has to go well!

          I don’t have too much time left here since it has already been about 6 ½ months, so I’m really hoping to get some more stuff going before I leave, and hopefully help one of these great people come into the waters of baptism.  Also, I hit my 15 month mark this last week.  Only 9 more to go!  That’s so weird.  Things are going well, I’m feeling a bit more stressed lately, but I’m enjoying my time here.  Thank you all for your prayers and for being such great examples to me.

          Elder Jace Anderson

                                 Me and Kim Hyobong and me and spongebob!
                                                     Me and the family!! 
                                Bad news, the other side of my toe is exploding

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