Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ten Lessons

October 19, 2015

          This last week went pretty well, and we had a whopping 10 lessons!  That’s so much!  But to be honest, I’m coming out of this week feeling a little down because of Sister Moon.  I don’t know what she is doing!  We tried to visit her on Wednesday, but she said it was too late.  She said that we would be able to meet on Saturday, but she didn’t answer any calls or respond to any texts.  And she didn’t come to church either.  I just have no idea.  I think maybe she’s just looking for her auditory hallucination to be healed, and since it’s still there she might have given up.  It makes me soooo sad!!  Bishop is going to try to contact her and set up an appointment.

          On the bright side of this week, we were able to get in contact with and meet our paralyzed guy again!  Bro Jang.  We were able to go to his house and his other friend was there too.  His friend doesn’t believe in God or anything and doesn’t want Him to exist.  It was pretty much me, my comp., and Bro. Jang against this guy in a pretty sweet battle.  The best part was that every time he had a tough question or point that Bro. Jang didn’t know, we answered it with the BofM.  Bro Jang loved it!  Hopefully he starts reading to find his own anwers.

          Kim Hyobong, the old guy, came out to church again!  It was his 3rd time.  We met with him once and discussed the Plan of Salvation.  We extended a baptismal invitation, but he just wants to learn more first.  We extended another bap. Invitation to Kim Gihong, the guy that talks A TON and doesn’t want to come back out to church because there are so few members.  He didn’t accept it, but also didn’t reject it.  He’s just a funny guy. 

          The family is doing ok.  The first time we met them this week, the kids kept fighting and things didn’t go too well, but we met them again yesterday with the aunt and finished the Plan of Salvation.  It’s almost like they think this stuff is interesting, but they don’t care too much.

          We went to Daejeon on Friday for a combined zone conference.  It was so weird being back in my old area after 6 months!  Man, it sure felt so weird.  The conference was great.  I really love President and Sister Shin.  They are so great and such amazing examples. 

          I got a funny email from President a couple weeks ago.  He told me that he is expecting a lot out of us here, and then last week he said that a baptism in Iksan is the same as many baptisms in another area.  Haha we were able to meet with our bishop and the ward council and talk about missionary work.  Hopefully they start to have a bit more interest and help out some more.  I think Bishop is willing to do some more now.  Things are going to be great!

          Thanks for all you guys do and for your great examples.  I hope you had a super happy B-day Marissa!!  I love you all and hope you have a great week.

   Elder Jace Anderson
Because I know you guys like food pics, here's me and some Chinese noodles. haha

                 Me and Elder Skouson riding the bus home like we do every night 

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