Saturday, October 17, 2015

Conference Miracles

October 12, 2015

          This week went by crazy fast!  A big reason was conference, but also because we were able to meet people during the week also.  I’ll just skip to the end of the week real quick.  We had 5 people come out to conference!!!  The members seemed pretty shocked, but they kind of excluded them after which was pretty disappointing.  We have sooo few members and they’re all really close, so it’s almost like they don’t want anyone new to come in.  Anyways, the first one to come was Sis. Moon.  I wasn’t able to really talk with her after, so I don’t know how she liked it.  We met with her once during the week and talked about A LOT of stuff.  She doesn’t really have anyone else in her life at all, so it’s good for her to talk with us.  She said ever since she started meeting with us all her loneliness and bad dreams have gone away!  That was super great to hear.  We extended a baptismal invitation and ………she said she wants to read and learn more first.  But she said she’d get baptized when she knows the BofM is true.  She also said she wants to start paying tithing right now, which made me want to cry because she has very little, only government support.  She’s been having questions lately about just not knowing what to do in life, so hopefully we can help her out.

          The second one who came out was Kim Hyobong, the old guy who came out to church last week.  We met him once during the week and taught the restoration.  He’s just a really chill old man who is humble enough to be willing to give things a try.

          The other people came from the Jo family!  They’re the best, I love them so much.  We met them once during the week as well and their aunt just happened to drop by, so she joined us for the gospel portion.  We reviewed the restoration with the help of the kids, and I think the aunt really liked seeing that.  We focused on prophets and talked about conference.  The mom said she’d love to come, but works every day from 9-5.  That hurt to hear!  So we didn’t expect them to come, but they were able to!  I asked her how, and she just said that her work was switched!  So that was a cool miracle.

          We had the less active lady call us because her baby son we sick, so we went over and gave him a blessing, my first in Korean!  It would’ve been better if he wasn’t screaming though.  She said something about how whenever she needs help, she thinks of us.  It made me think that it is easy to think of God and pray when things are hard, but we need to remember Him and especially be grateful when things are going well.

          I’m grateful for the great conference that we were able to enjoy.  One thing I learned is that the Lord is the one doing the work, we just do the little acts.  I was really able to see that as well when He provided a way for the Jo family to come out to conference.  I am grateful for the chance to do my little part in this great work.  Thank you for all your love and support and especially for all your prayers.  I love you all and hope you have a great week, and remember the good experiences you have had in this great gospel.


          Elder Jace Anderson
                              My district! well, last transfers district. 


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